Why we encourage philanthropy

Jet Solidaire uses the business aviation to create link between distant parts of the French society. Inequalities are increasing nowadays and the company tries to reduce them. Instead of pointing out the richest, Jet Solidaire encourages and helps them in their philanthropist approach by encouraging donations for the poorest when they travel for business.


For some potential clients, the product positioning of Jet Solidaire is quite difficult to understand. They do not want to talk about solidarity when they travel for business. For the majority, this solidarity value proposition is intriguing (in the right way). But what is their interest for it?


Even though you are moved by a thrilling wish to help people and care for the planet, you will always be reminded by some detractors that being rich and caring for the others are incompatible. They will always see your actions as a way to change your image, a lack of sincerity. These detractors can discourage all the willing in the world and contribute, without even knowing it, to increase the divide between the most comfortably off and the poorest.


Obviously nobody is  a credulous fool. Some companies act to have a clear conscience or because they have an interest in doing so. But do we have to throw the baby out with the bath water? Who can juge the authenticity of a philanthropist action? Shouldn't we first take into account the benefits of the action before criticizing its core motivation?

Jet Solidaire encourages all concrete actions above all. We successfully collect donations for the poorest and for the earth and this is what we care about. Donators have their own motivation, let him keep it close to its heart (or head). Anybody can become a philanthropist ! A commitment for solidarity can be the first step to a deeper reflection on an issue, it doesn't matter if it has been decided for a company's policy.


Aside from offering a solidarity approach of business travel, Jet Solidaire engage with its clients on common issues. Every discussion on solidarity is a victory for us ! We had incredible talks with CEOs who have the means to change the world (at least a bit). They are brilliant and talented women and men whose ideas, clear-sightedness and network allow them to have a wide impact. Many of them are already committed to help weaker people and this is a real source of motivation to continue searching for new ideas for more solidarity with people and with the hearth in the aviation business.



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