Manufacture of the Cessna Citation Mustang has stopped

Breaking news on May, 11th, 2017: Textron Aviation has stopped manufacturing the Cessna Citation Mustang, its entry level jet since 2006, an unavoidable plane for passengers who are looking to travel in a jet at prices that defies all competition.


But dear connoisseur, be reassured: the Mustangs that are already flying will continue to work and will still be available on demand, at least for the coming years until they are replaced by newer planes.

Its arrival on the market has been a real revolution for the business aviation world. Indeed, the Cessna Citation Mustang is the first very light jet twin-engined plane to be certified to fly in frosty condition while this type of certification was restricted to slightly larger jets until then. This is how it became the most symbolic representative of its category.


Jet Solidaire and Aviation Sans Frontière signed a partnership agreement

On Wednesday February 15th, 2017, Jet Solidaire signed a partnership agreement with the French NGO Aviation Sans Frontières. This is a common step forward for solidarity ! 


From now on, Jet Solidaire and Aviation Sans Frontières are working side by side to exchange advice and expertise about people living in situations of vulnerability. Thanks to this partnership, Jet Solidaire clients will be welcome to participate to the financing of various projects led by Aviation Sans Frontières that will, in return, give support to the solidarity actions that Jet Solidaire wishes to implement.


A new way to fight inequalities

We tend to confuse fighting against poverty and fighting against inequalities. Fighting against poverty isn’t enough when one wants to end inequalities. It is even possible to deepen inequalities by fighting against poverty.


Over the years, the poor have become poorer and the rich have become richer. Inequalities have been widening and they tend to increase. According to the OECD head economist, Mr Pier Carlo Padoan, this growth “is one of the major issues that weights on our future prosperity and security”.


Why we encourage philanthropy

Jet Solidaire uses the business aviation to create link between distant parts of the French society. Inequalities are increasing nowadays and the company tries to reduce them. Instead of pointing out the richest, Jet Solidaire encourages and helps them in their philanthropist approach by encouraging donations for the poorest when they travel for business.


Welcome to the Geneva Air Show

The annual meeting for European business aviation players will take place from May 24th to 26th, 2016 at Geneva airport. The EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition) fair is organized by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

Over 10.000 professionals are expected. Manufacturers as Beechcraft, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault Aviation, Embraer, Eurocopter, Gulfstream or Pilatus have record sales at the EBACE compared with reported sales at Paris, Farnborough or Berlin Air Shows.


All you need to know on customized bookings by Jet Solidaire

Who never heard of the well-known trilogy "Back to the Future"? President Ronald Reagan himself talked about it in his speech on the State of the Union in 1986. In Steven Spielberg work of art, the heroes use a time machine to travel back to the past. What is the link with the business aviation? We thought about it for a long time but we couldn't find any mean to go back to the past. Nevertheless, we can already make available for you incredible time-saving machines !


The Origins of Jet Solidaire

As chance would have it, I feel that I have always been linked to two different worlds: to the well-off on the one hand and to the poorest on the other hand. 


The first experience that let a mark on me took place in the biggest slum in Manila, Philippines, where I spent four weeks working with an association. Although I was living in on of the best districts, I discovered during my wanders in the city women, men and mostly children living in great poverty. It hit me really hard sometimes during my stay. When I went back to France I decided to help empower young people who went through a hard path. Here, I discovered an other kind of poverty and this was an important step for me in discovering the reality of people living in the street. 


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