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Jet Solidaire is the first solidarity advisory and brokerage agency for business aviation. We offer you all the private jet chartering advantages and include solidarity in our business by financing social projects and including a voluntary carbon compensation to every trip.



We offer a VIP charter service: quality and excellence for your travel.


The jets are chartered by the most reputable and and high-quality airliners. We ensure that they have all the certification required and we personally prepare your flight.


There is a total confidentiality on your travels. We do not communicate on our customers, unless they give us their agreement.

Flying on a private or business jet

 How saving time during a business travel? With a business or a private jet the waiting time on departure and arrival is reduced since you adapt your flight to your needs, you have access to ten times as many airports compared with an airliner and all flights are direct.

jet privé ou avion d'affaires prêt à partir

Solidarity at the heart of Jet Solidaire

Three key commitments

#1 Jet Solidaire will donate 25% of its profits to French charitable works that assist the poorests.


#2 Aware of the environmental problems caused by aviation, Jet Solidaire encourages its customers to choose the least polluting airplanes and will encourage its customers to make a voluntary carbon compensation by funding 50% of the compensation.


#3 Jet Solidaire will encourage its clients to help financing social projects to fight poverty.


Associations and foundations supported by Jet Solidaire

Various associations and foundations that fight poverty and exclusion have already benefited from Jet Solidaire donations. Among them are: Fondation Caritas France, Aviation Sans Frontières, l'Association Père Guy Gilbert - Bergerie de Faucon, the French Red Cross, Association Aux Captifs, la Libération and the Simon de Cyrène Foundation.

Les dons de Jet Solidaire

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute demande d'information ou de cotation.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information or for a price request.


Jet Solidaire - 6, rue Duret - 75116 Paris

E-mail : info@jetsolidaire.com

Téléphone : +33 1 45 32 21 50


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