'Wealthy people can no longer live in an island surrounded by an ocean of poverty. We all breathe the same air.We should give everyone a chance, at least an opportunity to get education, food and medical care.'

Ayrton Senna

Our solidarity commitments

1st commitment: Jet Solidarity donates 25% of its profits to charities in France that assist the poorest, especially troubled youth, homeless and formerly homeless. Jet Solidarity can also support its customers social projects in these fields of action.

2nd commitment: Aware of the environmental problems caused by aviation, Jet Solidarity makes a voluntary carbon compensation offer for each charter flight. To encourage this gesture for the planet, Jet Solidarity proposes to fund 50% of the voluntary carbon compensation every time customers choose to offset their flights.

3rd commitment: Jet Solidarity undertakes to request a solidarity aid from all its customers.

Why troubled youths and the homeless?

The founder of Jet Solidarity has been personally committed for over 15 years to helping troubled youths, homeless and formerly homeless people who live in France. That they will profit from the success of Jet Solidarity is absolutely obvious.

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