Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) is the first caring agency for business aviation advisory and brokerage. It offers all the advantages of chartering a business jet or private jet and proposes solidarity actions for people and for the planet on every trip.

For your business aviation flights, choose solidarity and excellence!

You are looking to save time when travelling? With a business jet or a private jet, waiting time on departure and arrival is reduced, you have access to ten times more airports than with an airliner and all flights are direct. Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) will find the ideal aircraft at the best price.

At each chartering request, our team is at your side from the beginning to the end of the mission entrusted to us. From finding the most suitable aircraft, through the rigorous selection of the operator, the step-by-step preparation of your trip and scrupulous monitoring of its progress from the beginning to the end, Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) is your trusted partner.

And with your travels and your support, you allow Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) to help the planet and the poorest less fortunate.

jet privé ou avion d'affaires prêt à partir


We offer unostentatious VIP charter service. No compromise on quality and excellence of the service, no signs of affluence.


Charter aircraft are operated by reputable companies for their reliability and for the quality of their services. We not only make sure that they have all the required certifications but in addition, we supervise the preparation of your flights.


There is total confidentiality. We do not communicate on our customers, unless they give us their agreement to do so.



Being supportive of the poorest while flying with a business aircraft, is this an utopia? At Jet Solidarity, we are convinced of the opposite. A business jet or private jet has a real utility as it allows considerable time savings. That said, there is no doubt that this is a very privileged way to travel to which few have access. So why not promote greater social equity by linking the less fortunate to your travels? This not only makes sense and can contribute to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of your company, but in addition, you will benefit from the solidarity impact, an added value for your image inside your company for all those who know that you are traveling on business jets.
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