Solidarity at the heart of Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity)

In a world where the gap between rich and poor is growing increasingly, business aircraft have become one of the symbols of these inequalities for our society. Wrongly, because a business jet has a real benefit. On the other hand, there is no question that this is a privileged mean of travel. Our customers are aware of this. Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) offers them solidarity actions for people and for the planet on every trip. In addition, Jet Solidaire also organizes solidarity flights for people who have had a difficult life course to help them on their pathways to integration and re-entry into employment.

Solidarity flight in September 2017
Sébastien and Pierrot before boarding for a solidarity flight in September 2017

"Wealthy men can't live in an island that is encircled by poverty. We all breathe the same air. We must give a chance to everyone, at least a basic chance."


Ayrton Senna

Our solidarity commitments

1st commitment: Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) will donate 25% of its profits to charitable works that assist the less fortunate, preferably in France.


2nd commitment: Aware of the environmental problems caused by aviation, Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) encourages its customers to choose the least polluting airplanes and will make a voluntary carbon compensation offer for each charter flight. To encourage this gesture for the planet, Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) proposes to fund 50% of the voluntary carbon compensation every time customers choose to offset their flights.


3rd commitment: Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) undertakes to request a solidarity boost from all its customers.

Our solidarity approach

Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) proposes Voluntary Carbon Compensation and Voluntary Solidarity Commitment on every trip.

Exemple of Voluntary Solidarity Commitment: Help a family in a precarious situation to go on holiday with Fondation Les Avions du Bonheur

Associations and foundations already supported by Jet Solidaire

This information will be posted on our web site very soon.

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