Discover the most popular business jets used by Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) customers

For Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) customers, the business jet is a productivity tool. They look for airplanes enabling them to reach their final destination as quickly as possible and offering the best value for money. For journeys of less than three hours, most of them are satisfied with a small or medium size cabin. No need for them to use a large cabin aircraft that would be synonymous of luxury. These are reserved for journeys of more than three hours, for example for intercontinental flights. Buisness jets with a small cabin have another advantage: they emit less CO2. Choosing them is better for the planet.

The choice of Jet Solidaire customers on 31/12/2019

On all Jet Solidaire flights up to December 31st, 2019

  • 19% were performed with very light jets (Mustang, Phenom 100, HondaJet, Citation CJ, Citation CJ1, Citation M2)
  • 23% were performed with Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ3/CJ4
  • 18% were performed with Embraer Phenom 300
  • 11% were performed with Cessna Citation Excel/XLS/Sovereign/X
  • 17% were performed with large cabin aircraft such as the Embraer Legacy 600, the Dassault Falcon 900, the Dassault Falcon 7X or the Bombardier Global 6000

 This shows that our clients prefer above all Cessna Citation CJ, the Embraer Phenom 300 and the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS .


The Cessna Citation CJ family

Propulsion : turbojet (jet)

Dimensions of the cabin (excluding cockpit):

> Height: 1m45 (central aisle)
> Width: 1m47
> Length: 3m35 (CJ, CJ1), 4m14 (CJ2), 4m78 (CJ3), 5m28 (CJ4)

Seats: 4 to 5 (CJ, CJ1), 6 to 7 (CJ2, CJ3, CJ4)

Baggage compartment: 1,27m3 (CJ, CJ1), 1,84m3 (CJ2, CJ3), 2,18m3 (CJ4)

Range: 2.000km (CJ), 2.200km (CJ1), 2.800 (CJ2), 3.400km (CJ3), 4000km (CJ4)


The Cessna Citation CJ family proposes 4 cabins with the same height and width but different lengths. They offer very good value for money but the space inside the cabin is really reduced with the maximum number of passengers. 

Cessna Citation CJ4
Cessna Citation CJ4

The Embraer Phenom 300

Propulsion : turbojet (jet)

Dimensions of the cabin (excluding cockpit):

> Height: 1m50 (central aisle)
> Width: 1m55
> Length: 5m23

Seats : 6 to 7

Baggage compartment: 2,31m3

Range: 3.650km


The Embraer Phenom 300 is a very recent aircraft. Its deliveries started at the end of 2009. It became the world's most delivered business jet in 2013. Its cabin is very nice and offers more space than the planes of the Cessna Citation CJ family, which is very appreciable from 5 passengers onwards on board. Its baggage compartment is the largest in its class. Small weak point: there are no tray table for the two seats at the back of the cabin.

Embraer Phenom 300
Embraer Phenom 300

Le Cessna Citation Excel/XLS

Propulsion : turbojet (jet)

Dimensions of the cabin (excluding cockpit):

> Height: 1m73 (central aisle)
> Width: 1m68
> Length: 5m64

Seats: 7 à 9

Baggage compartment: 2,56m3

Range: 3.400km


The Cessna Citation Excel is one of the most popular business jets on the market. Its deliveries began in 1998. The aircraft was modernized and renamed Citation XLS and then Citation XLS+. It has long been the most sold in the world. One of its strengths is the size of its luggage compartment: the largest in its class.

Cessna Citation XLS+
Cessna Citation XLS+

We offer business jets that make our passengers' lives easier and saves a lot of time. Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) customers are aware of having access to a privileged way to travel and "want to give back to society what they have received from it". Jet Solidaire (Jet Solidarity) offers them solidarity actions for people and planet on every trip.

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